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Kashi Darshan

Kashi Darshan

2 Nights / 3 Days

Varanasi - Bodhgaya - Allahabad - Chitrakoot


  • Witness Aarti ceremony.
  • Holy Dip In Dashaswamedh Ghat,  Man Mandir Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat by the Ganges.
  • Sarnath, where the Budha First Sermon Delivered.

Itinerary - Kashi Dashan


Arrival at Varanasi Airport /Railway Station. Transfer to Hotel. In the evening Witness Aarti ceremony an experience of life.The GANGA Aarti is a spectacular sight. Hundreds throng to the Ghats to participate in this ceremony. Offerings of lamps and flowers are made to the river immediately following this ceremony and it is a moving sight to watch hundreds of miniature lamps float along the river.


Early morning you will be taken for a boat ride on the Ganges. It is a mystical and spiritual experience as you watch people offering water to the Sun God and devotees taking holy dip in the Ganges. After boat ride walking tour is arranged covering the Vishwanath temple, Annapurna Temple and come back at hotel for Breakfast.

After breakfast you will be taken for city tour covering the Bharat Mata temple, Sankat Mochan Temple, Durga Temple, New Vishwanath Temple in BHU(Banaras Hindu University) etc.

After noon you will be taken for an excursion of Sarnath. Sarnath is the place where Buddha delivered his first sermon to his disciples. The attractions of Sarnath are the Buddha temple, The Dhamekha stupa, Chaukhandi stupa, Monasteries and the archaeological museum.


Early in the morning, you will be taken for The programme ‘Subah-e-Banaras’ has begun with one-hour yoga session at 5am followed by two-hour music recital from 6 to 8am. The programme has been named so, with a view to sunrise from the ghats. Besides yoga and music, ancient practices like Yajna would also be added. The programme includes Morning Ganga Aarti with Shehnai and ‘Mangalacharan’ in morning ragas.

Later departure transfer to Varanasi Airport / Railway Station for your onward journey.


What is Kashi Dashan?

Kashi Dashan, also known as Kashi Naresh, is the traditional title of the hereditary ruler of the holy city of Varanasi (Kashi) in India. It represents the historical monarchy that governed the city for centuries.

What is the significance of Kashi Dashan in Varanasi's history?

Kashi Dashan holds great historical and cultural significance in Varanasi’s history. The title dates back to ancient times, and the rulers played a pivotal role in shaping the city’s cultural, religious, and social aspects.

Is Kashi Dashan still relevant in modern times?

While the title of Kashi Dashan no longer represents a ruling authority, it retains cultural importance and is a symbol of Varanasi’s heritage. The successors of the Kashi Naresh continue to be respected figures in the city’s social fabric.

Who are the current descendants of Kashi Dashan?

The current descendants of Kashi Dashan belong to the royal family of Varanasi. While they no longer hold ruling powers, they continue to be involved in various cultural and social activities in the city.

What are some of the prominent historical events associated with Kashi Dashan?

Throughout history, Kashi Dashan rulers have witnessed and participated in various significant events in Varanasi, including religious festivals, patronage of art and literature, and interactions with prominent personalities.

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